why us?

Why choose the Best?

When you entrust your beloved pet to our professional and caring staff you can rest assured that we will make your pet feel at home. We may offer the same type of food/snacks as you feed your pet, or you can bring your own; and we are happy to warm up special meals and provide the custom feeding at no additional charge. We offer bedding or you can bring your own. We launder all blankets and washable items.

We offer spacious outdoor grounds and extra-large indoor boarding areas, which are some of the largest in Canada. Our professionalism shows as we have been boarding dogs that work at the airport for over 10 years and board special service industry dogs (police dogs when their handlers are on training or on holidays.) Your pet goes outside to do his business and is not kept inside being retrained to go on tile floors as is done in some facilities. We follow the routine that you have set out for us.

The experience we have acquired over the past 30 years ensures you that we are ready for any situation. No detail is too small. We offer custom feeding, medication application, access to medical attention, lots of communication with you should any situation arise. We are available to serve the pets around the clock and you are welcome to contact us by phone or email anytime, 24/7.

We are the one-stop service for your pet for occasions such as:

  • Grooming - Bathing, hair clipping, nail clipping, professional grooming for dogs and cats
  • Long term boarding (please contact us for pricing)
  • Insurance claims: Should you have an insurance-paid situation where your house is being repaired or renovated, we board long-term until the house is ready for move-in.
  • Unexpected hospital visits or long-term care facilities we are more than willing to look after your pet long-term!
  • Moving locally or internationally: We can make all the arrangements, provide you with all of the details, and complete all the requirements for your pet's move. For some moves such as to Australia or to New Zealand, there is a 7 month prep time and in many instances, your employer requires you to be there sooner. We do the boarding and all the preparation on your behalf such as applying for import permits, completing veterinary requirements, and shipping to the quarantine station of your choice. Should you have friends or family that would be the caregivers, we can arrange to pick them up from their residence and complete the pet relocation for you.
  • Group rates are available for parties, weddings, holiday gatherings, or other engagements!

We deal with and have a close relationship with hundreds of vet clinics locally, around the country, and around the world. We have access to information and can get details for you when required saving you an enormous amount of precious time.

We have experience breeding Dalmatians, Mini Schnauzers, Chihuahuas, and Newfoundlanders and have acquired an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise for dogs of any age.

We are located close to the Toronto Pearson International Airport and can provide comfort stops for your pet if you are just passing through Toronto.

Why choose the Best? We do it all and we do it well. You can count on us!

We have been a strong supporter of, and work closely with, the program designers and sit on the Board assisting the Program Coordinators and Professors, and offer job opportunities to co-op students for the Veterinary Technician & Animal Care Programs at:

Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies, Sheridan College
7899 McLaughlin Rd.,
Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9.

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