Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: At our discretion We reserve the right to refuse any animals that are not manageable/handleable by our staff and also refuse to accept any pets that do not have proof of required valid vaccinations.

What vaccinations do I need?

Please make sure your pets annual vaccinations are all up to date. We require proof of vaccination for all boarders, so please have your paperwork ready for when you come in. Alternatively, you may provide us with your vet clinic’s name and phone number at the time of reservation, so that we may verify the vaccinations during the vet clinic’s business hours.

For dogs: Rabies and DHPP (DA2PP) vaccinations are mandatory for boarding. We do highly recommend the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination, but it is not mandatory. If your pet is missing a vaccination we can accommodate the pet by providing space in the special boarding isolation facility.

For cats: Rabies and the FVRCP vaccinations are mandatory for boarding.

If your pet's vaccinations are not up to date, we require a minimum of 14 days after vaccination prior to boarding.

Should I bring my own food?

For dogs: We supply Iams (Chicken & Rice), ProPlan (Lamb & Rice), ProPlan (Turkey & Barley), or Medical Gastro at no extra charge to you. If your dog is on another food, a puppy, or has any allergies we highly recommend you bring your own food.

For cats: We supply Iams (Chicken & Rice) dry food. If your cat is particular or needs special food, please bring along portions of food for the stay.

Keep in mind that bringing your pet into a new environment can sometimes cause stress; we encourage you to not switch your dog on to a new food during this transition as this may cause an upset stomach.

Please pre-measure your pet's feeding amount using a standard measuring cup before drop off at the kennel.

We feed according to each individual’s needs.

Do I need to bring bowls/blankets/toys?

We provide blankets, suspended Kuranda beds, bowls, and toys if you prefer to leave yours at home.

We encourage customers to keep their bowls at home as they can easily get mixed up with ours while being washed.

Customers are welcome to bring 1 or 2 toys and/or blankets/bed. Please keep in mind that everything brought in should be washable and have little to no value if destroyed (chewed up) or lost. A small blanket or t-shirt that smells of the home will sometimes help with the transition.

Will my dog have constant access to food and water?

Absolutely! We take these things very seriously and monitor that all dogs have access to water at all times. For dogs that are free-fed (food out for them throughout the day), we make sure that they have enough food with them at all times.

Do you let out all the dogs together?

At our kennel we provide each dog with individual bathroom breaks and playtimes with the staff, we do not mix any customer dogs. This is for the safety of our boarders as even friendly dogs will sometimes not get along, especially if in an unfamiliar atmosphere. Safety is our top priority and we would not want to put any of our boarders at risk.

What if my dog needs medication?

We are more than willing to give your dog its specified medications. Please bring enough for its stay, plus a few extra just in case you don’t make it back in time for pick up. There is a $1.95 charge per instance plus 13% HST for medication application.

For dogs who need insulin shots please call or email.

What if my dog is considered a Pitbull?

Dogs who are covered under the pitbull ban MUST fall under the grandfather clause. You will need:

  1. Proof of up to date vaccinations
  2. Spay/neuter papers
  3. City registration papers
  4. For first-time pitbull boarders, a $200 deposit is mandatory.
What do I need when dropping my animal off?

All we need from you is your vaccinations if they are not up to date in our system, and we always recommend bringing your own food. We take care of everything else.

Can I call or email to check up with my pet?

That is no problem at all! Our friendly staff is always willing to give you updates by phone or e-mail.

My pet is in for a longer stay; can I or a friend visit?

Although we can’t stop you from seeing the pet, we do not recommend visits during the boarding stay. Once a pet has settled into the routine of kennel life, often times a visitation can set your pet back to its initial stressing stage. Visitors are NOT allowed to take the pet off the premises at any time.

Do I pay on pickup or drop off?

First-time clients must prepay their stay on drop-off or give a $200 deposit.
Repeat customers may pay upon pickup.

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