boarding tips

Ten Boarding Tips

  1. Make sure your pet's annual vaccinations are up to date.

  2. If the kennel is using different food from your own; ask the kennel if you could supply your own food, to reduce upset tummies, or at least bring enough to gradually mix with the food that the kennel is providing, so that the transition of food is gradual.
  3. Use a measuring cup to find out exactly how much food you feed your dog.
  4. Let Kennel Staff know any unusual behaviour or abnormalities your pet may have.
  5. Have emergency contact numbers ready before bringing your dog in the event of a medical emergency.
  6. Bring a blanket or toy from home to make your pet feel more at home while away. Be aware your pet may destroy it.
  7. Bring only safe toys and bones that do not break into small pieces.
  8. Don't be too anxious before boarding, as your dog may sense your apprehension. Quick happy goodbyes are easier for your dog than drawn out sad ones.
  9. Always view the kennel before booking and introduce your pet to a kennel preferably at a younger age rather than when the pet is very old.
  10. For all holidays and long weekends book well in advance.

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