• "Just wanted to give a shout out to you guys at Best Boarding! Holly and Faolain stayed with you for 5 days and I can tell they had a blast! Holly has severe separation anxiety and when she returns from other boarders she usually acts out due to her anxieties but after staying at Best Boarding she has blended back into home life without any behavioural problems! This is such a relief to my husband and I and makes coming home a breeze for us. I can tell that Holly and Faolain felt right at home with you. Thanks so much! Now instead of dreading the next vacation we can look forward to it!"

    Sean & Jessica
  • "Awesome staff!! Clean interiors, great attitude."
    Nala's Mother
  • "Staff was wonderful, Maggie looks great. We will be back."
  • “One of our dogs, Rusty, has been going to Best Boarding Kennels Inc. since 5 months old (3 weeks after we first got her). The first time boarding was only for one night and as she was still young, she had an accident (peed) inside, I was surprised to find that the attentive staff had actually washed the blanket we provided, I hadn’t expected them to wash it for us! Our two dogs loved Best Boarding so much, every time we would turn the corner into the kennel driveway, they would smell it and they would start wagging their tails and almost be jumping out of the car to get in faster! Every time we picked them up they would always look gorgeous and smell great from their baths. We have been here multiple times for long and short term stays. I have always found the staff to be extremely attentive and caring not only for the dogs needs but also the customers.”
    Shirley G
  • "We had our German Shepherd (named Mishu) stay at Best Boarding Kennels for over a year solid because our house burned downand we were rebuilding. Best Boarding took excellent care of Mishu throughout the entire year and today, Mishu went home in excellent condition. He looked great and had not lost any weight. We would highly recommend Best Boarding Kennels to anyone for short or long-term stays."
    The Skicki Family
  • "Last week, we dropped our professionally trained working German Shepherd Dog off at Best Boarding Kennels for 7 days while we were away on vacation. Admittedly, I was a little nervous; working dogs can be...a bit of a handful and our dog in particular does not interact well with other dogs. The staff at Best Boarding Kennels were very professional and assured me that they would look after him. We returned to find our dog happy and health and learned that he been befriended by the staff there. Having a boarding kennel nearby with such professional and competent staff who devote so much time and energy to the dogs they board is very reassuring and lets my wife and I travel without having to worry about our dog's welfare. I will gladly use their services in the future!"
    Justin & LeeAnne
  • "We trust our most precious possession to you and have for many years - your are all warm, caring and give us total confidence that our animals will be well looked after and loved - thank you"
    Ian, Barbara, Heather, Foxie and Connor
  • "It's me Jasper! I'm the smartest of the group so I do all the writing. My brothers, sisters and I wanted to say thank you for looking after us while our mommy was off ignoring us. It was so nice to get attention from all of you."
    Ben, Riley and Jasmine
  • Some of our BBK staff at Woofstock
  • Amanda at Woofstock with King, Happy Mini Pinschers
  • "Thank you for taking care of Eddie"
    Love Emily
  • "You really know how to put a smile on our faces. Thanks for all the loving care over the last 10 years." Have a wonderful day!
    With love, Blitz, Leia and Elise
  • "your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thank you for the great care and concern you showed Bonnie. I really appreciate it."
    Barbara L
  • More staff at Woofstock
  • "Thank you for the super care"
    best wishes, Sultan
  • "Thanks for watching me! I had so much fun!"
    Love Jake
  • "Excellent service as always"
    Dezi and Maci
  • "Excellent service, thanks u guys rock!"
  • "Louis V. loves it here at Best Boarding Kennels Inc"
  • "Excellent service as always, Zeus is very happy"

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